Formed: November 2005

Band Member:
Amy Snow - Vocals, Piano, Guitar

Hogwarts, a Mystery - Album 2007
E.P. - Limited Edition EP 2008

Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons is one of the oldest and longest running bands from this side of the Atlantic. Primarily piano based, her music tends to be more ballady and soulful. Romilda,
aka Amy, is a classically trained soprano who has a beautiful voice which undoubtedly influences her style. Unlike many other bands who take their name from an individual character, she does not focus
on any single person or theme, but rather composes songs about all aspects of Harry Potter universe.

Even before Amy had played her first show she was heavily into Wrock and had started a podcast with fellow fan, Jamie Walker, about Wizard Rock titled "WZRD: Your Wizard Rock Station". The first episode was released in March 2006 and featured Alex Carpenter of The Remus Lupins. Although Amy has recently taken a step back from the show, "WZRD" currently has 46 Episodes available for download and will hopefully carry on in the hands of its co-host, Jamie.

Romilda Vane's first live performance was at Potter Rocks in October 2007. This performance also marked her debut as a live pianist as she played in front of people for the first time. Despite her nerves, Amy's Gryffindor colours shone through as she performed, and performed well. Shortly after Potter Rocks she released her first album, Hogwarts, a Mystery. This album, which is still available for download on iTunes, features some classic Romilda Vane songs that have stood the test of time and
are still played regularly at live performances.

2008 proved to be a very busy year for Amy. To begin with, Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons became the first European Wizard Rock act to tour in the US as Amy joined Grace of Snidget on an East Coast tour. At various shows along the way the pair were joined by The Moaning Myrtles, Fred and George: The Band, Draco and the Malfoys, The Butterbeer Experience, Mary and the GrandPres, DJ Luna Lovegood, Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills and The Whomping Willows. The tour was a week long and consisted of 5 shows.

On her return from the US in July 2008, Amy played at Accio Wrock in Oxford, along with Riddle™, Luna Wants a Long Bottom, Shrieking Shack Disco Gang, the Azkaban Escapees and Siriusly Hazza P. This stint back in Europe was short-lived, however, because in the August of 08 Amy headed to a Harry Potter conference in Chicago called Terminus where she was asked to play at the associated Wizard Rock show, Wrock Chicago. Whilst there, Amy was interviewed by MTV. Directly after Terminus and Wrock Chicago, Amy went on yet another 5-concert tour, taking in West Virginia, Virginia, Carolina
and New York. It was known as the "Gryffintour".

The end of a great year for Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons came as she performed at the 2008 UK Yule Ball, which was held at the Kensington Library in London. This event attracted many attendees from across Europe, several of whom were attending their first Wizard Rock show. It was at this show that Romilda launched her Limited Edition E.P.

If any acknowledgement for Amy's hard work and busy schedule during 2008 (which also consisted of
a song that she had contributed to an all female compilation album called Witches Wrock) were needed, it surely came in the form of her two nominations for the 2009 Wizard Rock People's Choice Awards, in the categories of Best Gryffindor Band and Best International Band.

In 2009 Romilda and Amy both had a much quieter year, playing shows mostly in the UK. However, Amy was to be seen on stage in the US again at yet another HP conference - LeakyCon in Boston. Although RVatCC never performed there, Amy took to the stage twice to help out fellow Wrockers Swish and Flick from the US and our very own Riddle™. Later that year RVatCC was asked to contribute a Christmas song for The Leaky Cauldron's charity compilation CD, Jingle Spells 3. Her specially written song was titled "Sonorus!" It is an absolutely beautiful song about the importance of friendship at Christmas time, and it shows off Amy's wonderful vocal talents in a way that is sure to impress anyone that hears it. In fact "Sonorus!" was so good that it was nominated for a 2010 WRPCA in the category of Best Holiday Song.

Understandably pleased at having been asked to contribute to Jingle Spells 3, Amy was to end the year on yet another high. In the December of that year Amy attended the in first ever Snow Ball in Edinburgh, which turned out to be the most successful Wizard Rock show ever held in the UK. Not only did she put on a wonderful performance as Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons, but she also had the role of Musical Director for the show. Her work in 2009 earnt Romilda the 2010 WRPCA award for Best International Band.

So what's in store for Romilda in 2010? In addition to the rumblings that a new album is on the way, she has already played one show in the UK and organized another one that will take place this June in Cork, Ireland. This show, which is simply titled "Wizard Rock", will feature Siriusly Hazza P from the UK and Harry and the Potters from the US! It has been organised as part of Cork's Midsummer Festival and promises to be a tremendous show which will bring the power of Wrock to a whole new audience.

As our favourite Irish Wrocker would say:

"Wizard Rock. We can bring people together. We can encourage people to learn, to read, to discover music, to discover magic. We can have fun. We don't have to conform. Look at our music: NO TWO BANDS ARE THE SAME. We've been given a gift."

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