Welcome to WizardRock.co.uk, a website dedicated to the UK and European Wizard Rock Scene. It is our aim to promote all aspects of Euro-wrock, from the bands, to the live shows, and most especially, to the fans.

If you are in a band we want to hear from you. We are building up the most comprehensive resource of UK and European bands you will find anywhere on the net. Whenever we add a band to the site, you will be able to get to know them through their basic profiles and their in-depth bios. We will provide you with links to their personal websites, Myspace profiles and Youtube channels. You will also be able to read EXCLUSIVE interviews with your favourite bands in our Featured Band section.

As well as the main Bands section where you will find the European bands, we also have our International Friends section. This where we feature bands from further afield who have contributed in some way to UK and European Wrock scene; such as Harry and the Potters who have played in Europe several times, or The Remus Lupins who were the first US band to travel across the pond specifically to play at a UK Wrock show.

If you're organising an event, give us a shout. Not only would we be happy to help promote your show, but we would also love to post a write-up about it afterwards. That way we will be to tell the whole world why it was so good! WrizardRock.co.uk is also the online home of the organiser of The Snow Ball, so this is also the best place to keep in up to date with the latest announcements about this annual Wizard Rock show held in Edinburgh, the city where Harry Potter came to life.

If you are a fan looking for a new band to follow, or a show to go to, then this is definitely the site for you! Not only will we bring you the latest news on CD releases and upcoming shows, but you will be able to discuss all of this and more in our forum - the Department of Magical Music. From time to time we even hold competitions where you can win prizes like free tickets to The Snow Ball or an official Harry Potter wand.

So as you can see, whether you're a fan, a band or an event organiser, WizardRock.co.uk is the place for you to be!

Neil Bird
Webmaster and founder of WizardRock.co.uk

On the 15th November 2008, Neil's appreciation of Wizard Rock changed forever.
Up until then his only experience of Wrock came from Harry Potter Fan Sites, such as LeakyNews.com and their weekly podcast called PotterCast. But on that cold and windy day in November, Neil found himself sitting on the shores of Loch Ness singing Wizard Rock songs and sharing a few drinks with some new friends. It was only then that he found out that there were actually UK bands and that there was to be a UK Yule Ball the following month.
From that moment on, he was hooked. So much so that on returning from the Hogwarts Jamboree in June 2009 he decided that it was about time that there was an event in Edinburgh, the birthplace of the Harry Potter books.

That idea soon turned into The Snow Ball and
things have been pretty busy ever since!

James Shepherd
Events pages and researcher

James' first Wizard Rock show was the Birmingham Library show back in October 2008 and from then on he was hooked. Since that show he has travelled the length and breadth of the UK to attend every single show.
In 2009 he also went to two major US events: LeakyCon in Boston and Wrockstock the Third near St Louis.

He also makes quite a good event doorman and raffle co-host!

Lucy Debenham

Content editor and writer
As with most things in her life, Lucy was a bit late to the party, and only began reading the Harry Potter books in early 2008, some months after the release of the Deathly Hallows. It was also around this time that she had also discovered the phenomenon of vlogging on YouTube, and had stumbled across a few videos that kept referencing something known as 'wrock'. Upon investigation, Lucy came across a whole movement that enhanced and expanded upon her interest in the world of Harry Potter. She found that the songs often touched on events and relationships from the books in ways that she'd never considered, and really opened up the 'Potterverse' in a completely new way for her.

But Lucy's involvement in the wrock scene really burgeoned when she started chatting to Amy Snow of Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons during a live John Green podcast. United by their mutual appreciation of afternoon tea and cake, cooking home-grown food, vintage dresses and, of course, Harry Potter, Lucy and Amy struck up a friendship. Amy was instrumental in introducing Lucy to an array of wrock songs and artists, and eventually convinced Lucy to attend her first wrock event, the 2009 Edinburgh Snow Ball - an event that introduced Lucy to some simply fabulous people (many of which also enjoy cake), who would go on to become her very good friends. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Stine Stueland
Scandinavian researcher/writer and Forum Moderator

Stine is our resident Norwegian, acting as a forum moderator as well as the site's main Scandinavian writer.
Even though she had been a Harry Potter fan for years, Stine was quite new to the fandom when she discovered Wizard Rock in October 2007 through an advertisement for Jingle Spells - The Leaky Cauldron's annual Wizard Rock Christmas compilation album. She fell in love with the concept almost immediately and has been hanging around in the community ever since. It would, however, take over two years before she got her first real life fandom experience, when in November 2009 she flew across the Atlantic to attend Wrockstock the Third in Potosi, Missouri. Suffice to say she had an amazing experience, and only a little over a month later she was on her way to her second show - The Snow Ball in Edinburgh, which marked her first endeavour into the European Wizard Rock scene. The weekend in Edinburgh also introduced her to the people who would come to be the masterminds behind WizardRock.co.uk, and when she was asked to join the staff of the site a few months later, she immediately agreed.















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